Welcome to The Corporate Caterer's members only website. Our goal is to provide you with expert advice from our team of experienced catering consultants. Bottom line -- we want to help you increase your bottom line.

We're here to help our valued community members, like you, launch new catering operations, grow existing client bases, implement proven sales techniques, create sound operations and coach you throughout every step of the way.

Let's do this together. And let's make some money!

This is The Corporate Caterer -- a group of catering professional looking to help increase your bottom line. Michael Rosman, our founder, has put together a team of widely experienced corporate catering and foodservice professionals. Our team of catering consultants, catering marketers, catering sales experts and more are here to help you win more business and grow at a rapid rate.

Michael built his own catering business from the ground up. And his goal is to help the thousands of people that come to him for advice do the same.

Our community is filled with thousands of catering professionals. These are people who want results and are willing to execute on strategies that are proven to increase bottom line and garner more catering business. Members of The Corporate Caterer include independent restaurant owners, owners of restaurant chains, catering sales professionals, event planners, corporate catering marketers, food service consultants and more.

Members get answers to the toughest of business questions. Members get sales and marketing materials customized to their needs. Members get templates and forms, and checklists and worksheets. Our members are provided the total package to turn catering jobs into recurring business and increased dollars. We're proud of our tight-knit community of motivated and successful business owners and industry professionals.

We can't wait to see what the future holds for each and every new member.

Here's how we're going to help. We know there is a ton to cover and that this may be overwhelming at the start. But remember that thousands of corporate catering and foodservice professionals have been in the same place as you -- looking to increase bottom line for their business.

We've helped them. We can help you. And we will grow your business together. Here's a list of services and concepts that we know we can help you improve.

Just get in touch with us directly if you want more information.

Here are a few extremely exclusive services:

REAL Catering Leads

You give us zip codes. We make all the cold-calls. You get all the contact information.

Private Coaching Memberships

Ideal for members who want to fast-track the process. On-going, one-to-one coaching, customized for your operation. * (Limited Availability)

On-Site Consulting

Michael will travel to your business and work side-by-side you with and your team. * (Two-day minimum).

That's not everything. But we all need to start somewhere. We look forward to working with you and helping you grow your catering business. Contact us anytime or just click here to head to the member portal for expert advice.